Real Black Power is GREEN

Real Black Power is GREEN

The purpose of this series is to take a closer look at the power of the black dollar.

In light of the issues facing the black community, in comparison to mainstream America, we are still at the bottom of everything. We have the worst education, housing, healthcare, income, and technology gaps, etc. Despite the political stride of helping to elect a Black President, he still is the most disrespected and obstructed president ever.

Despite so-called social gains we still are the victims of police brutality and judicial injustice. When you look at all these areas in their entirety Black people have not lived up to our potential and often have relegated our futures to be determined by others. There are examples of those businessmen and women that have been successful and made great choices but I believe what you do to the least of my brothers you do to me.

As long as there is a Trayvon Martin or an Eric Garner, the money you have cannot protect you. It doesn't matter that you can afford a Rolls Royce for your teen son but if he drives it he's going to be pulled over and could be killed by the police.

Our daughters could be sexually harassed and brutalized by police as well. If racism and sexism still dictate the policies that affect our daily lives, money doesn't mean everything. But it can. Economic opportunity can change lives for the better and can change the mentality of so many that have lives of crime, drug abuse and violence. We spend trillions of dollars and the bloodless revolution is keeping our money in our pocket. When we are maximizing our economic power as a mass of people then we can turn the tables.

We have become such consumers, there are entire industries we can shut down. Who buys refrigerated biscuits more than we do? How many Black people work for them? We have the power to change every aspect of our lives and put in place the conditions for success. We can still vote but money can buy politicians. Money talks and bullshit walks is and will always be true in America. We need to understand it's not how much money you make but what you spend that counts.

Our ancestors had teaching jobs and government jobs and they bought homes, have pensions, and live well. Many of us now have six-figure jobs and drive and wear most of the money but we travel and eat and drink “good.'

Too many of us have forgotten the sacrifices that were made and certainly don't sacrifice for anyone else. What are we doing? We have all that we need to create a black world where we determine our own destiny. You have to know better to do better my mother used to say and that's what this series will attempt to do in terms of providing what has happened to us and what decisions we need to make to improve our lot.

We need to stop buying what we want and begging for what we need. It's time to face some cold hard truth about the bullshit we do. A small group of conscious Black folk can make an impact and that is my end game. Starting this moment let's change our mentality to reach our fullest potential.


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