Research & Data

We collect scholarly research and data from various sources.

Onyx University

Our E-Learning platform that will offer courses in self help, history and other areas of interest.

Black Papers

Our documents that will identify issues as well as solutions and policies.


Sessions for for discussion and/or deliberation to identify positions published in the Black Papers.

Our Blog

Reviews, current events and other topics of interest to the Black community.

Get Involved

Join us and find out about opportunities to use your skills and be a part of the solution.


We are unapologetically Pro Black and Pan African.

Onyx Think Tank is a volunteer organization that conducts research and provides  Pro Black analysis of issues and policy recommendations. We will research and house data on a variety of issues related to public policy, economics, and the state of Black America and Pan Africanism. We also endeavor to create an institution dedicated to identifying and solving the problems that deny us our liberation and humanity. 


Our Mission

To provide evidence based Pro Black, Pan African solutions to all social, economic, political and any other issues affecting Black people.

Our Vision

To provide the arena for the exchange of ideas and identify biases that prevent the progress of Black people. We want to develop policies and solutions that will provide justice and  liberation.



What is Black?

When we refer to Black people, we agree with the explanation stated by
Celeste Watkins-Hayes,
an African American studies professor
at Northwestern University.

"Black" is often a better default that recognizes and celebrates the race,
culture, and lived experiences of people
all over the world.

The move that you see now towards black is really to recognize the global nature of blackness."

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